APE Wraps Customer Type  

It is our best intention to provide you with the best customer service when ordering your wrap. Below are a few questions to help determine what type of customer you are and how to point you in the right direction for ordering a wrap.

               Customer Type?

  I found the design in your online store that I want to purchase, but my year, make and model are not shown. If this is you, click HERE.

  I like the existing designs, but I want to have you make me a custom design wrap for my vehicle. If this is you, click HERE.

  I found the design I like, but I am not sure how it will look on my vehicle. I would like to see what it would look like on my vehicle first, before I purchase a design. If this is you, click HERE.

  There are several different ways to order from us. Our on-line store allows you to order "Partial" wraps on-line. Partial wraps cover part of the painted surface of your vehicle, like the Celtic or Burner Truck Series wrap.